Coven or Solitary?

Although some people might feel that witches were evil-doers who practised their black arts in groups, this is highly untrue. While some witches do practise the craft in a coven, many find solitary work more comfortable. The solitary practitioner may sometimes feel that working alone may be wrong or incorrect, but this, too, is far from the truth. Whatever the individual feels is right, or is working for them, is usually just that. A self initiation ritual for solitary witches is posted in my Shadow Book. But before any inexperienced trainees' try and perform it, you will need to study and study and study, as will those who wish to form a coven.

To belong to a coven, or rather, to create a coven, three ingredients are needed. 1. The purity of heart, 2. The hard work, and 3. The everlasting hunger for knowledge. Before you and three or more of your friends scamper off and try and form a coven, you will need to study. Please note this, if you are under 18, you will not be able to belong to an adult coven. Any self respecting, intelligent witch belonging to an adult coven should not work with an under-age witch unless their is full parental support, and not many of us have this. Now that you have (hopefully) acomplished the three ingredients, you will be up to the stage of the trial period. You will need to form a study group and should consume about six books each within the period of a year and a day. But of course there is the problem of someone wanting to join after the coven is out of it's study period. Well, the solution is simple. Let the eager new member choose someone who is willing to to teach them the material already covered and have a set book list ready for them. That's about it, so have a peek at my recomended reading site and get reading!