Alpha is a state of consciousness that your mind enters. It is in this stage that you're most alert, not to the world around us, but the world within us. Witchcraft is based on this process, as it is associated with meditation, relaxation, clairvoyance, telepathy and out-of-body experiences. Alpha lets us see the world from a different view point, and as it does this, we can draw knowledge and experience from other times and places. As a result of this, witches perform most of their magick from this state of mind. While we are in alpha we can grasp information not normally at our disposal because the brain is this hologram, and is interpreting our holographic universe in this altered state of consciousness. With a combination of the harmonies of colour and the numerical form, a technique to be able to reach alpha was developed through meditation. This process is known as the crystal countdown and can be completed in three easy steps. The first step is to relax, and I mean almost to the point of sleeping. Concentrate on your pineal gland, or third eye, which is situated in the center of your forhead between your eyebrows.

Now, when you are totally relaxed and feel ready, begin the countdown from seven to one. As you say each number, visualise the colours that correspond. For example, seven would be red, six - orange, five - yellow, four - green, three - blue, two - pink, and one - violet. You may see these colours as the red t-shirt you wore yesterday, or as the evening sky before the sun finally set. When you have completed the countdown, say to yourself "I am now in alpha, everything I do is accurate and correct and this is so". After practise this sequence should come to be natural and easy. Anyone can use this technique, people from all religions and races can enter the alpha state to do spiritual work and ask for knowledge and understanding. Through these practices and meditation, one can strengthen the mind for magickal use and extend their magickal capabilities. If you need to enter alpha and their is no time to repeat the process, there can be a technique known as instant alpha. When you are in alpha you should preprogram yourself. This is achieved by crossing your middle finger of your left hand hand over your index finger, and by repeating to yourself "I cross my fingers I am in instant alpha". Some people even feel energy building up in the pineal gland.

After you have preprogrammed yourself, count back down to beta. You are now ready for use of instant alpha whenever the times comes for it to be necessary. By crossing your fingers and saying 'I am now in alpha' your mind will try attain a higher state of awareness.