Releasing The Soul

Eyes wide shut...plunged into darkness....a Black Hole.

      Released from the agony of the mortal being, the soul was carried 
    through the gateway of the afterlife. Consisting entirely of a coiling
    flock of crows, the gateway was scented with a sweet aroma wafting 
    through the pleasant breeze, carrying the soul to begin anew, to 
    perfect what had not been accomplished last time. All memory of pain,
    and love, and humanity was swept from its reaches, and all in a 
    second, the bittersweet shrill caws of the crows vanished and 
    dispersed as the gateway came to an end.  As the soul passed from the 
    spiral-like way into a infinite vacuole of nothingness, a blinding
    wave of faith shuddered and echoed against unseen walls. What had
    once seemed like a dismal chamber- compared to the motherly reaches 
    of the gateway- now came alive with new and exciting colours, sounds,

Bathing in an oasis paradise, knowledge seeped into its depths and prepared it for the venture into the once experienced, now forgotten. Momentarily displaced, the soul sighted a glimpse of Gaea, spirit and body of old Earth. As if a fragment if its past lay unearthed, the soul espied its graceful home displaying a famed breathtaking sunset and as the body of the planet split apart, it revealed the inner space; galaxies and portholes within another, brutally defying the laws of science. The sapphire skies, lush hilltops and smoky clouds meant nothing to the soul, and it turned on the spectacular scene and continued down its path.

    It's whole being awake with virtuosity and vulnerability, the soul 
    opened up and claimed the mind to which its next body was to partake
    with. The colours churned and merged with one another, forming 
    brilliant patterns of stars and constellations. Streaks of paling 
    intensity formed vertical streamlets, then arched to cast more astral 
    bodies. Passive emotions aroused by fear, love, hate and hope morphed
    into an eternity of Limbo. Time had no existence there, and as 
    millenniums passed by on the home planetoid, the soul transformed 
    from a body of youthful innocence to a creation prepared for the cruel
    and malignant world just beyond its reaches, yet not quite in sight. 
    Dizziness reigned in this dream-realm of unconsciousness, and as time 
    flew by, a porthole grew in the distance. 

The porthole, at last observed clearly, was a swirling, fiery cess- ball, a mass of flickering tongues and glimmering heat. As the time of judgment closened, the soul watched as the porthole cooled and examined its now frozen coiled, jagged fingers. Now finally concluded, the soul's journey found meaning and destination. And as the soul enlightened upon the golden brick road the porthole laid out before it, thoughts came rushing into its mind, things that should be long-since forgotten, personages that poisoned before and now claimed treaty.

      Past came flooding into the future like the devil to a foolish 
    humanistic form. The golden path disappeared, the porthole dimmed in 
    the darkening light, and a shower of saltine liquid poured upon the 
    scenery and smudged the extravagant visions.  As fortune should bring 
    it, a torrent of blue hue drowned the soul in a pool of tears wept by
    the loved left in the mortal world. 

Squandered love released the soul, not into the afterlife, but into a wasteland of the lost, a zone of ghosts and zombies, where only the ouji can excavate the days of yesteryear. The soul shall locate its time, but as foreseen, this does not happen to be it...