Demon Flight of Doom

    As the devil mounts his sturdy steed
    Hell breaks loose in all the land
    He rides the night, swift and strong
    And murderous screams evoke the dead
    A freakish night of hardened cruel
    To claim all those who defy the lord 
    Of pure black magic and souls of death
    Putrid stench and scythe-like staff
    His eyes rid the world of light 
    Like bottomless emptiness swallowed within
    Glowing green skulls, illuminous oculus 
    An ivory cavity, scalpel poised
    Death implemented upon mutating horrors
    Conjours up tricks to awaken the past 
    Bedded and forbidden, graves of lost
    Brought back to live, now and forever
    Forsaken the victims of Satan's vile force
    Riding your soul, sculpting your destiny
    Breaking the cords of life to live 
    Binding the sentence of eternal waste
    His mount creates the flaming tumor 
    That boils and writhes deep within 
    Like an evil sick to erupt at will
    On your keep of safe, now endangered
    Sucked by lust of ending this
    Chasm of chaos chained to cruel
    Enlightens all unto the lie
    Of hatred high, low and of below
    The skin deep rich of malignant minerals
    To poison the mind and control the body
    Lining the heart with drugging disease
    Causing the infection to pursue its current 
    Endeavoring the track of extinction itself
    The winged steed of Satan's horde
    Coated sleek, thick and sable 
    Sweeping its master to whereabouts
    His desire to be is crowned upon
    As its jagged jaws, clenched as a fist 
    Beholds the emptiness beyond the 
    Gates of hell, flame encompassed, 
    Charcoal dyed, rotted and rusty, enveloped 
    In odor; musty smog, crude heat
    Overpowers the night that brings 
    The hatred so thick, coated with dread
    Contaminates the inner self
    Making a predicament of the strands of 
    Time, depth intoxicating and creating a 
    Black hole, condemning the unfortunate 
    To infinite misery and enslavement 
    Heralding fate and changing its face
    Morphing the termination of life 
    And commencing of death uncertain
    Thirsty lungs, rasping breath and 
    Heart pumping hard and desperate 
    To maintain its cruise along the harbors 
    And tunnels of the body's bloodstream
    Demolishing the acropolis upon which the
    Spirit serves its purpose of everlasting labor
    While still beyond, the devil rider pauses not
    Yet feeds the image of nightmare incarnate
    And spills the blood of the blackened bitch
    That lays down the crypt which beholds the
    Rule obeyed by all servants of the the archfiend
    Containing the power in evil, gruel and spite
    Falsely adjoined in fatalistic combat
    Within the grave, within the dual
    For all in hell that should be damned
    Could be damned and would be damned
    Are destined to relate to a fearful destiny
    As the devil mounts his sturdy steed.
    As the devil ceases his midnight rampage
    Obscene thoughts corrupt the mind
    And candles flicker in lighted homes
    Of the folk scared of encountering the dreaded
    Death messenger, sent on its mission
    To kill to live, blood stains the ground
    Upon which the chosen fall and
    Drain themselves of liquid hope
    Dry as a bone from Satan's skull
    Cursing the twisted creep to no avail
    Freeing the lance of benevolent plague
    That shook the earth in eternal banishment 
    And giving no gift but of pestilence
    Inflicting tremor to earth and sky
    Savage kill, brutal death, hideous afterlife
    Never unleashed from filth infatuated
    Infinite slavery bonded to inhuman slaughter
    Smite the tedious drug addicted
    Condemning the faith of mystic belief
    Prescribed to the occult and evil subjects
    Of Lucifer the demon and assassin
    That came to flounder our lives and gamble
    Our souls in this perpetual prison 
    Screams beyond the bizarre millenium
    The eon abyss, the dead planet 
    The forces of which asphyxiate the zombie 
    That spooks and lurks in never-ending pursuit 
    And spread the capsule that carries our wasting 
    Future, worthless destiny and exert a hatred
    So dense of gloom, and leading an army of
    Ghoul, goblin and ghost, concocting up a brew
    Fashioned by the dark witch and accursed alchemist
    The arcane formulae for a demise potion
    To finally annihilate the entire human race
    And conquer our multi-national community
    Destroying whatever planetary peace  is left
    Shutting the gates of escape and trapping
    Our alien technology within barrier walls
    And leaving us un-armed against the overpowering
    Shamanism, mummifying us alive, 
    Race by race, hour after hour, victim by victim
    With no hope of survival, the fight goes on
    To reclaim our lost land, taken once, gone forever
    And proclaim our freedom in the honor 
    Of those foolish who fell in the battlefields
    And those more foolish to not take heed 
    When we stand no chance against the sorcery
    Of evil, conducted by evil, and only by evil
    While we watch our fellow Homo sapiens
    Obliterated and mutilated, gutted and butchered
    Collapsing in agony and  powerless strife
    Knowing that our time is closing in and 
    Eyeing our inconceivable destruction
    And feeling the immense pain and remorse
    Of wasting our strength on competitive war 
    Against ourselves, adding to the body count
    And aiding the enemy in destroying ourselves
    With nuclear devices and atomic missiles
    With famine and flood, CFC's and toxins
    Unable to undo our own disaster, we are an
    Uncivilised species, our descendants shame us
    And blame our mutiny as the cause of this 
    Dreaded curse, cast upon us by no-one but me
    And you, and everyone else in this damaged world
    This barbaric life we lead and made, and deserve
    To die, so we perish accountably, by the force 
    Higher than us, braver and more humane than us 
    Although the Satanic master has no kind
    Forevermore he shall rule ,and we shall grovel
    As the devil ceases his midnight rampage.