My Beast, My Dragon, Grant Me This One Wish.....

   Arise, my beast, arise.. ..
   the world calls unto thee
   hearken to our enchantless hearts
   for we dwell in a somber prison
   buried below the ancient beliefs
   totally controlled by science
   magick has lost its place here
   henceforth we summon thee to replace
   that which is our destiny...
   Become our savior
   become our deity
   become our love and trust 
   never leave again, my beast
   lest we be reclaimed 
   by the dread force reality
   and poison minded we shall retreat
   to artificial lives instead of the 
   magickal realm composed for us...
   Take us to your sanctuary
   deep within your cavern
   shrouded with enveiling mist
   we travel to your domain
   where we shall abide by your side
   and give ourselves to the spirit
   of which shall cleanse our earthly planet
   habitualising and embedding it with the 
   essence of mystique for all infinity...
   And then shall I only be content.....